December 7, 2021

Smart solutions to save fuel during transport

Transport is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sector all over the world. On a daily basis, trucks, ships and airplanes transport all kinds of goods from all over the world. Although this ensures that the economy keeps running smoothly, it does have one disadvantage: namely pollution and excessive use of fuel. The question here is, how can we save fuel during transport? We’d like to tell you about all the smart solutions!

Insight into consumption

A good way to save fuel, is to first look at the current consumption of fuel during transport. Nowadays there are many types of programs that show you exactly how much fuel is consumed per transport trip. For example by monitoring gasoline or emission reporting. As soon as you have a clearer insight on this, you can start looking at the solution what needs to be done to reduce this consumption.

Efficient route

Furthermore, it is good to look for the most efficient route for transport. This means that, for transport, the most economic efficient route with the least fuel consumption is being chosen. There are several useful tools that can help you with this. The tool visually presents traffic jams and obstacles and accurately calculates the estimated arrival time. Moreover, based on real-time traffic information, the route is automatically recalculated.

Driving style

For transport by road, it is very easy to gain insight into fuel consumption, due to the way of driving. Slowing down and accelerating again, for example, consumes a lot of fuel. Not every chauffeur drives the same way. If insight is gained into this, the most economical way of driving can be taught. This means driving in the right gear, accelerating in the right way, etc. This will also make a difference in the number of tank cycles.