December 7, 2021
Used diesel engines

liquid emission circuits are used in marine diesel engines

Our secondhand marine diesel engines have previously been utilized in a variety of settings aboard a vessel. The majority of them are utilized for propulsion, while some are employed for generating units or other supplementary applications. Because of the liquid emission systems, we call such engines “marine.” The majority of these machines have liquid emission chambers and turbochargers. Each engine is distinct since its settings are determined by the previous application and current state. The status is determined by the number of operating minutes and installation work throughout the running time.

The complete range includes used marine diesel engines

Pool Marketing offers a wide variety of used marine diesel engines. Thousands of old engines (mainly in the 300 to 4,000 HP category), diesel engines, and gearboxes are available in our inventory. We also have millions of used, remanufactured, and novel spare parts in store.

Used marine diesel engines

pool Marketing is a global wholesaler

Pool Marketing is a global distributor that sells secondhand assets to the marine and company industries. Our headquarters, store, and factory are all located worldwide. With over 30 years of expertise, our aim is to be known as the most dependable product provider of high-quality used gear. Our staff consists of 60 passionate professionals who are always friendly, naturally proficient, and experienced with global logistics.

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Do you have any questions regarding our secondhand marine diesel engines, or are you interested in the possibilities? Please contact us. Pool Marketing is dedicated to delivering the best service possible. We eagerly await the opportunity to serve you, your relatives, and your friends.