October 22, 2021

How you can contribute to a better world

Climate change is something that we are seeing more and more. On the news, politicians are discussing what the best way is. In stores we see an upcoming of sustainable products. In our own environment we see people around us considering eating more plantbased. All kinds of small steps towards a better world. Contributing to a better world can feel impossible at times. But it is still possible and really important to keep doing this. There are also a lot of ways to do so. Let’s look at the things we can do.

Change your diet step by step

It may sound very harsh and impossible, but with small steps a lot is possible. When we are talking about changing the way you eat, we do not mean you have to stop eating everything you are eating right now. It means being open to better food. Better food for your own health and for others that are living on this planet. Maybe you do not know how but you can find all kinds of videos and articles on internet with easy steps. For example, try eating an apple every day instead of a sandwich with cheese.

Keep informing yourself

Do not forget to keep informing yourself. What is going on in the world at the moment, are there any changes being made? A lot of things you can learn.

Shop at sustainable stores

A very easy step that you can do with other people. Shopping at sustainable stores helps growing towards a better world. Sustainable stores do not use fast fashion, the quality is better and they use Cool containers when transporting there pieces to the store. All kinds of things that others are already doing. The only thing you have to do is buy your clothing and other products at these stores. Sounds easy right?