October 22, 2021

Cities to visit with your car rental Netherlands

Are you visiting the Netherlands and planning to drive around with a car rental Netherlands? We would love to give you some tips for cities which you can easily visit with your car rental in the Netherlands! Be sure to read on because we’re going to dive right in!


One of the most unique cities in the Netherlands is Rotterdam. After being almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, the city was rebuilt into a new, modern version. The gritty yet elegant skyline, the hard working people and the specific way of life in this town is something entirely different from the rest of the country. Be sure to visit Rotterdam!

The Hague

The Hague is the city where the Dutch government and much of the countries history has its home. As such, there are countless of stories and lively happenings in this city, which is also home to the International Court of Law. Furthermore, it is the only Dutch city with its own beach, a place definitely worth a visit during the summertime!


If you really want to experience the Dutch culture and typical architecture, Delft is a great place to visit. Like The Hague it is rich in history and has many different independent shops and cafés. And, of course, it is the birthplace of the world renowned Delft Blue porcelain and pottery!

Simply drive around and see what suits your fancy!

We’ve mentioned a few cities and towns, but there are many more which are worth a visit. Places like Amersfoort, Leiden and Haarlem all have their charm. So, when in doubt, just drive around and have a look. We are sure you will enjoy your stay in the Netherlands, for it is a beautiful country.