A unique grinding dust extractor with solely A-components

Q-fin Quality Finishing developed a unique and innovative grinding dust extractor. We are an expert in grinding and deburring. Our team of industrial experts developed a grinding dust extractor with solely A-components. This machine removes all the burrs, grinds and dust. The grinding dust extractor protects your products from damage and realises a more safe working space.

Create a safer and healthy workspace

Your industrial machines are producing products, but they are also producing more grind and dust. Once inhaled, these small particles of dust can lead to health problems. Another thing to think about is the risk of an explosion. Even a very small layer of dust can build up a risk. By investing in a grinding dust extractor, you will create a safer and more healthy workspace.

Dry and wet system

We developed two types of the grinding dust extractor: an extractor with a dry system and an extractor with a wet system. If you are working with wood chip components the dry extractor is the best choice, while the wet extractor is the best option for components like aluminium and steel.

Want more information about the grinding dust extractor?

Do you want more information about the grinding dust extractor from Q-fin? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experts can inform you about our deburring and grinding machines.